Voiced by KillaxCool
Name Peanut
Gender Male
Allies Waffle
Enemies Candle
Color Brown
Exlied {{{exile}}}
Voiced by KillaxCool
Peanut, labeled The Halfwit, is a male contestant in Next Top Thingy. He is a member, of Outrages Oranges.


Likes:  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.

Dislikes: ???

Peanut's not really bright, which causes him to get into some sticky situations since he can be quite a handful. He tries his best to be useful, but it ends up backfiring in some way,


In It's Just a Forest, Peanut was first spotted, wondering, where he was. He later asked some questions like: "What are contestents?" and "What is elimination?". When challenge was announced, Peanut had no clue what was going on, because he didn't payed much attention. Later in the forest, Peanut was eating stilleto, which caused Perfume, to orered her team, to keep an eye on him. He later didn't understand Candle's sarcasm, when she called him a genius.

In Are We There Yet?, Peanut was captured by Bone, but he was later rescued by Steak and Waffle. Sadly, he was captured again by Tie, who was hunting on the contestants. In Candle's "good side" montage, he was shouted at by Candle and said she would kick his shins. In the elimination, he was in the bottom 5.


  • Peanut may be similiar to Apple from Inanimate insanity,both having same intelligence,they dont know anything.