Voiced by YearsAnimations
Name Gum
Gender Male
Allies Pasta
Enemies Lipstick,Cactus and Hammer
Color Yellow and Silver
Exlied {{{exile}}}
Voiced by YearsAnimations
Gum, labeled The Nice Guy, is a male contestant in Next Top Thingy. He is a member, of Awesome Apples.


Likes: Making friends, nice things, happy thoughts

Dislikes:  Mean people, scary things, crude humor

Gum is a friendly guy who likes to make friends. Yeah, that's basically him.

Source: Retro Guy's Deviantart.


In It's Just a Forest, Gum was questioning Hammer's idea of spliting up, which ends up with Hammer, scaring him off. Later he told Cactus, who stole Walkie-Talkies, that stealing is wrong. Later he tried to break a fight, between Cactus and Lipstick, but they were all captured by Bone.

In Are We There Yet?, he was in the Bone's hideout and he was being interegated. Gum told him he didn't know anything about Steak. Later he was free'd by Pasta.


  • Gum was a contestant in Ploopy Zuki's show, Battle For A Wish.