Computer Screen
Computer Screen
Name Computer Screen
Gender Male
Allies Z-Box
Enemies TBA
Occupation Co-Host
Color Black
Introduced in Are We There Yet?
Exlied {{{exile}}}
Voiced by N/A

Computer Screen is the unofficial co-host of Next Top Thingy.


Computer Screen helps out with data management (displaying the score/elimination votes). He is a very nice guy, not showing any disliking towards anyone and being eager to do work around the show. Computer Screen does not talk, but communicates via the text on his screen. However, he can make several sound effects, for he is a computer screen.


He made his first apperance in "Are We There Yet?" where he showed who was safe on his screen.



  • Computer Screen originates from OfficialMatrVincent's camp, Battle For Dream Island Survivor. In this camp, he was a reccomended character.