"Meatballs!" Churro, It's Just a Forest

Voiced by Retro Guy
Name Churro
Gender Female
Allies Hammer, Potato, Pasta
Enemies Candle
Color Golden-brown
Exlied Are We There Yet?
Voiced by Retro Guy
Churro, labeled The Random Mexican Food, is a female contestant in Next Top Thingy. She is a member and a captain of Awesome Apples.


Likes: Pudding, crunchy sounds, churros, lemons, sour cream, Japanese game shows, long walks on the beach, the smell of death in the morning, cheese manors

Dislikes: The number 4, socks and sandals, the word "poop", flying ice cream trucks, mayonnaise, blue apples, Bob

Churro is simply Churro. Is she friend or foe? Does she any secrets (or limbs) to hide? What is the secret behind her wackiness? That'll probably never be explained because I'm simply too lazy, and it's not important. Oh yeah, she also owns a manor made entirely of Velveeta cheese that is currently residing in her Churro-stomach. How delightful.

Source: Retro Guy's Deviantart.


In It's Just a Forest, she was seen behind the Pasta, screaming meatballs, for no reason. Later she was seen drowning in Pasta.

In Are We There Yet?, she found Hammer lying on the ground and they both were trying to found their team members. Later it was revealed, that she can transform into a helicopter, after she ate a helicopter engine. When her team was very close at the mountain, she run out of gas and they all fell down. At the end, Churro was the first contestant to arrive at the mountain and so, she became a team captain of Awesome Apples.