Voiced by Ghostgirl7000
Name Candle
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated Are We There Yet?
Allies None
Enemies Everyone
Rank 22nd
Color Tan
Exlied {{{exile}}}
Voiced by Ghostgirl7000

Candle, labeled The Jerk, is a female contestant in Next Top Thingy. She is a member, of Outrages Oranges.


Likes: Being in charge, fine dining

Dislikes: Anyone who gets in her way

Candle thinks very highly of herself, thinking of herself as better than everyone when it is hardly true. Tell her she's wrong and you'll get on her bad side. Because she thinks so highly of herself, Candle will always try to be the leader and will only do things for her selfish needs.

Source: Retro Guy's Deviantart.


In It's Just a Forest, Candle was arguing with Magnet, about being a team captain. However, this position was taken by Perfume, so they decided to form an alliance, which is a Magnet's plan, to keep an eye on her.

In Are We There Yet?, Candle didn't care about her teammates being captured and she decided that she should be a team captain. This caused Bubble Tea to get angry and thus, two of them started to fight. In the confessional, Candle said that they've only showed a bad side of her, which Z-Box counterpicked, with the clips of her being mean.

She was one of the 3 contestant of Outrages Oranges who made into the mountain, but she got frustrated, becuase Churro made it first. She began to swear. In the confessional, due to her team's loss, she voted for Perfume, disliking her "horrible" leadership skills.

At the elimination, Candle was the first contestant to be eliminated from this show. At first she tried to convince her teammates that she is a nice girl, but when they realized that she is lying, Candle said that they (mostly Perfume will rue this day and she was zapped.


  • Candle was the first contestant to be eliminated.
    • She was also the first to swear, but it got bleeped out
    • Candle is also a Contestant in Battle for Isle Sleep