Voiced by Retro Guy
Name Bone
Gender Male
Allies His Master
Enemies Everyone, Steak (Arch Enemy)
Occupation Rejected Object Show character
Color White
Introduced in It's Just a Forest
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Voiced by Retro Guy

Bone is a first non-contestant character, on Next Top Thingy. He originated from the infamous show, "Objects at War" created by Dom Erickson. Bone made two apperances in the series, "It's Just a Forest" and "Are We There Yet?".


When Bone was at Objects At War, he was a nice character, but it was changed, when Steak left this show, he began to hunt him down, to his master and he will not stop, until he got him. His attitude also changed. Instead of a nice generic character, he is now an evil object.


In It's Just a Forest, Bone was first seen capturing Cactus, Lipstick and possibly Gum. Later, he was responsible for the hole in the forest, where Cone fell. Bone wanted to know the answer from Sugar Cube, Spice Cube and Domino, but they didn't have a clue. It ends up with them, being pushed into the hole. After the credits, Bone tells in confessional booth, that he shall dispose Steak, just like his master told him to do.

In Are We There Yet?, he threw Domino and Cubes into the hole. Later, it was revealed that he captured Peanut, too, but he was quickly retrieved. Later, he captured Potato and he brings them into his hideout. He demanded answers, but no one was giving them. Pasta opened the door and thus everyone escaped, which made Bone mad and he decided to find Steak by his own. In the conclusion, Bone finally caught Steak and he threated him to turn him into well done, but sadly, Seashell threw a Blank Flakes, which caused them to explode and Bone flew away.


  • Main reason why Bone was casted as a villain, is because he is the most hated character in any object show.
  • Bone was originally created by Friesfan7844
  • Bone was a main character in Objects At War, by Dom Erickson, but due to massive hate, he removed him from this show.
  • Bone is also used to make fun of "Mary Sues/Gary Stus" in object shows when he says "I'm a perfect character".
  • He appeared in TardistheTardis' Object Downfall and Twisted Turns as a non-contestant.
  • Bone was a contestant on Insane Fury.